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Leg Knee Pillow Slow Rebound Memory Comfortable

Leg Knee Pillow Slow Rebound Memory Comfortable

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Overview :

As a side, you can't sleep completely, y our thigh is in front of you, p ress the back. 

The hips rotate and the knees are touched, causing pain. 

For those seeking relief, the pillow is the best leg cushion because the cushion comfortably supports the legs and knees to provide proper alignment and positioning to eliminate painful pressure points.


Such a leg pillow has been invented to help alleviate the stress caused by poor sleep. After many years, we realized that the cushioning and support of the legs and knees are important to maintain proper alignment to help relieve pain.


Unlike traditional foam pillow memory designed to absorb body heat to compress the design of a ventilated memory foam stomata to stimulate air circulation overnight. Temperature-regulating foam technology removes heat from the body to prevent you from feeling overheated.


Unlike traditional knee pillows, it features a true ergonomic design, soft curves and a half moon shape for men and women. No need to limit the travel belt, the precise strap of the pillow conforms to the natural shape of the leg. This allows the foam leg pillow to fit your shape without being restricted by movement, or you need to sleep in one position!


For better support and comfort, you can use 2 orthopedic pillows to align your legs and relief support and raise your hips and knees. Only in this way, this ergonomic shape leg pillow can accommodate the comfort of the pillow legs, but you can reverse it and put it between your calves to make your legs comfortable and compatible.


Size: 25*15.5*23CM

Material 100% slow rebound  latex

C olor: White


Package Content:

1 x leg knee pillow



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