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Natural Jinyoshi stone transfer beads necklace

Natural Jinyoshi stone transfer beads necklace

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Using high-quality coffee rope wire, delicate and firm, not easy to disconnect, no fading, more durable.
Through a strict selection of materials, the use of high-quality natural obsidian stone chooses the best part suitable for carving pieces and then has many years of carving experience of the carving master carefully carved.
The obsidian was called "the tears of the Apache" by the Indians, "the gem of no more weeping ", which meant that giving obsidian to someone you loved would make you happy and happy and no longer cry.


Material: Jin Yaoshi
Style: Unisex
Modeling: Beads
Color: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm
pendant: transfer bead pendant
Compatibility: All Compatible
Material: Semi-precious Stone

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